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Exotic travel destinations
November 5, 2008, 12:31 pm
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Whether it is for work or fun human being has been traveling sinceĀ eon. The primates used to trvael for foods, the barbarians used to travel for conquering land. Later the discoverers used to travel for finding new things.

african kenya sunrise

african kenya sunrise

we human are addicted to travelling now we go out to places for fun, vacation or work, the travel bug has never left us.

I would like to bring out some exotic travel destinations throughout the globe in this blog.

My travel starts from the far east of the land of the rising sun japan through southern asia, australia, middle east, siberia, europe, africa, and america.

with long stories to tell about my exotic travel destinations and many things to show.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with the gypsy in me from water, land, mountains, ranges, deserts and jungles.